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Ockult Ordbok

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Jason Schroeder


The Kitchen is the center of the universe. All that is, seen and unseen, has its beginning in the Kitchen. All things are drawn to the Kitchen, from which all good, tasty things are made. Amen


December 14th, 2008

Bitterly cold. Much colder. Brisk. Mostly sunny. Highs around 8. West winds 15 to 25 mph decreasing to 10 to 15 mph late in the afternoon. Wind chill readings 13 below to 23 below zero.

Monday Night
Partly cloudy. Lows around 3 below. North winds up to 10 mph.

I am so going to wear shorts when I am in Seattle. It is funny how warm 25 degrees and above feels to me now.

November 30th, 2008

This is a crappy first draft for a seminar paper. I post for comments, questions and critiques.

Prose has been a neglected part of oral studies – most research has focused on oral poetry, though for some very good reasons. Oral poetry and especially epic poetry exists in a human context of tradition and culture. An oral poet is active performer of ideas within a broader tradition, constrained from literate ideas by necessity to conform to audience expectations and by his reliance on memory to form long poems. Because of the limits of formal structure of poetry, certain formulas will be used across a tradition, which are easily noticed. Moreover, certain semantic themes will exist across the oral poems in particular tradition. Poets will tell the same poem many times: each version will be the same story but each version may vary in length, detail and exact wording. Each multiform (not variant or version – terms that suggest a “master” copy that all others vary from) is the story in different and equivalent forms. These constraints seem to suggest that the oral poet was a slave to meter, but this view is overly simplistic. The affective expressions of oral poetry allow the poet to change a poem greatly.

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March 11th, 2008

Religion and SciFi movies

A short list off the top of my head of scifi films that wrestle with religious questions:

The Matrix trilogy
Dark City
Blade Runner

Anything I am missing or should add (hi elegiac!)

I guess Star Wars could count, but it is not what I have in mind.
Double points for Alice in WonderLand references.

I need to explain why I see a dialog and struggle with religion in these films, but it is almost my bedtime. I will see if I have time tomorrow night to explain my thoughts. I might not have time: I am going to Suzzalo to hang out with my bound-up friends.

January 17th, 2008

I read an older piece on Wednesday on the future of folklore. It is a bit long as an introduction but it was written by one of my favorite folklorists and states very well what excites me about folklore and what I wish to do as a folklorist.

I read a journal article in Journal of Folklore Research on Wednesday at Suzzalo and a citation led me to this article. It is originally from a talk he delivered to the department of Folklore at Indiana University in a series on the future of Folklore in the academy. I wish to be part of the endeavor that he is outlining. I also hope I will write as clearly and as well as he does.

This is a link to an online version.

Bibliographical information:
Glassie, Henry. "The Moral Lore of Folklore." Folklore Forum 16 (1983): 123-151.

January 4th, 2008

From the LA Times article "Presidential candidates, media shift to New Hampshire":
"With prime-time debates for both parties scheduled Saturday night, ABC News announced that it was eliminating Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-El Cajon) from the GOP debate. On the Democratic side, Sens. Joseph Biden of Delaware and Christopher Dodd of Connecticut pulled out of the race after their low showings in Iowa, and ABC uninvited Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) and former Alaska Sen. Mike Gravel from the debate lineup. ABC had earlier notified candidates that they would be eliminated if they did not place in the top four slots in Iowa, or poll at least 5% or higher in the latest New Hampshire or national polls" (Johanna Neuman and Michael Finnegan, http://www.latimes.com/news/politics/la-na-campaign5jan05,0,1392508.story?coll=la-home-center, retrieved 4 Jan. 2008).
I feel better knowing that a large corporate media outlet is vetting the candidates for us. Admittedly, Hunter, Kucinish and Gravel may continue to campaign. However, without being in the debates, they are not seen, which is the equivalent of not existing in mainstream politics.

June 16th, 2007

Morpheme Addiction Help

Morphemes - A New Threat to Society

Who Uses Morphemes?

Morpheme use is not restricted to the “lower classes” of society. In fact, it is most conspicuous among university students and faculty. Those who condone this practice, called linguists, maintain that morphemes have been used for thousands of years with no ill effects, but others look on the morpheme as a relatively new invention.

What are the Effects of Morphemes?

Some of the observable short-term effects of morphemes are: slow or distorted speech, extreme apathy or fatigue, and confusion. Long-term effects include acute schizophonia, manic derivation, and delusions of grandeur (claiming to understand unfamiliar languages). These phenomena may occur upon even minimal exposure, so, anyone in contact with a morpheme user should be wary of these symptoms.

Are They Addicting?

That depends on the user. Many people, having once experimented with morphemes, are able to permanently abandon the practice. Others have been known to devote their entire lives to the acquisition of morphemes. Despite what linguists frequently claim, morphemes are not predictable.

Are They Legal?

Unfortunately, legislative officials have not been alerted to the menace of morphemes. Their use has not been outlawed—yet.

Is There a Cure for Morpheme Addiction?

There is presently no cure which has been found to be totally effective. The most promising approach would seem to be isolation, plus complete and immediate withdrawal from morpheme use.

What is a Morpheme?

Morphemes are the elements obtained by breaking down the flower of language. They are also present in the roots and stems. It is not yet known exactly what constitutes a morpheme, but it is agreed that almost all verbiage, however innocent it may appear, contains these insidious ingredients.

What are Some Common Terms for Morphemes?

Among those acquainted with morpheme use you may hear the slang terms “morph” or “formation”. Uneducated users refer to the morpheme as a “word” (possibly related to “weed”). One type of morpheme is commonly known as “affix”.

How are Morphemes Used?

The most common method is to inflect them directly into the corpus. They may, however, be delivered orally or nasally. Morpheme use is generally accompanied by a ritual involving intricate movements of the mouth.

If you need help with a morpheme-related problem or would like to join the campaign to abolish morphemes, contact:

Lindey Hall 310
Indiana University
Bloomington, Indiana

A service of the Council On Morpheme Abuse

Susan Wishnetsky, Council On Morpheme Abuse, http://specgram.com/LP/26.coma.morpheme.html. Retrieved 6/14/2007.

May 30th, 2007


I got my first issue of the Journal of Folklore Research (Vol. 44, No. 1, 2007).

May 20th, 2007

Folklore, Märchen and legends are still alive. I spent yesterday at the University Street Fair looking at the various booths: magic, fairies, unicorns, fortune tellers and mystical wares were for sell. Perhaps buyers and seller know these folklore from books, but they know them and bother to pass them on. There were costumed "monsters" as well. Folklore is still relevant to our lives. I find this very exciting. A friend took pictures of these various booth for me: once I get the pictures from him, I will post them.

May 14th, 2007

Commercials and Folklore

Inspired by Linda Dégh's book American Folklore and the Mass Media (1994), I spent an hour watching network television on Saturday, looking for folklore elements.

There were several tale types/motifemes that showed up (especially good versus evil and rescue of damsel in distress); however, it was the structure of the commercials that was most strikingly folkloric: Lack, Magic Helper/Donor, Lack Liquidated. I think I will be spending some more time watching commercials for these things and then do some in depth analysis.

More later. Customer showed up.

May 10th, 2007

Potatoe Vampires!

I just staked 40 potatoe wedge vampires with wooden skewers, with garlic for good measure and threw them on the grill.

No potatoe wedge vampires are taking me down!

(if Dan Quayle can spell it with an "e" so can I)
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