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Why I want to study folklore: Hope!

Jason Schroeder


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Why I want to study folklore: Hope!

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I read an older piece on Wednesday on the future of folklore. It is a bit long as an introduction but it was written by one of my favorite folklorists and states very well what excites me about folklore and what I wish to do as a folklorist.

I read a journal article in Journal of Folklore Research on Wednesday at Suzzalo and a citation led me to this article. It is originally from a talk he delivered to the department of Folklore at Indiana University in a series on the future of Folklore in the academy. I wish to be part of the endeavor that he is outlining. I also hope I will write as clearly and as well as he does.

This is a link to an online version.

Bibliographical information:
Glassie, Henry. "The Moral Lore of Folklore." Folklore Forum 16 (1983): 123-151.
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