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Ockult Ordbok

Commercials and Folklore

Jason Schroeder


The Kitchen is the center of the universe. All that is, seen and unseen, has its beginning in the Kitchen. All things are drawn to the Kitchen, from which all good, tasty things are made. Amen

Commercials and Folklore

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Inspired by Linda Dégh's book American Folklore and the Mass Media (1994), I spent an hour watching network television on Saturday, looking for folklore elements.

There were several tale types/motifemes that showed up (especially good versus evil and rescue of damsel in distress); however, it was the structure of the commercials that was most strikingly folkloric: Lack, Magic Helper/Donor, Lack Liquidated. I think I will be spending some more time watching commercials for these things and then do some in depth analysis.

More later. Customer showed up.
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