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Ockult Ordbok

Religion and SciFi movies

Jason Schroeder


The Kitchen is the center of the universe. All that is, seen and unseen, has its beginning in the Kitchen. All things are drawn to the Kitchen, from which all good, tasty things are made. Amen

Religion and SciFi movies

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A short list off the top of my head of scifi films that wrestle with religious questions:

The Matrix trilogy
Dark City
Blade Runner

Anything I am missing or should add (hi elegiac!)

I guess Star Wars could count, but it is not what I have in mind.
Double points for Alice in WonderLand references.

I need to explain why I see a dialog and struggle with religion in these films, but it is almost my bedtime. I will see if I have time tomorrow night to explain my thoughts. I might not have time: I am going to Suzzalo to hang out with my bound-up friends.
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