Ockult Ordbok

A saga

Jason Schroeder
I studied at the University of Washington in Seattle, receiving my degree in Comparative History of Ideas. I wrote my senior thesis on the blacksmith in Religion, Myth and Folklore, focusing on the blacksmith in Germanic and Old Norse sources. It was entitled "Sick Kids Get Hammered: The Blacksmith in Religion and Myth". I hope to return to school by Fall of 2008 to study Folklore.

I am concerned with the relation of religion, myth and folklore. Folklore is intensely personal and concerned with the contemporary prepositions and presuppositions of the people relating the lore. It is shaped by human concerns and has the potential to shape human perception humanity and belonging. I hope to focus on American festivals and riddles, the cultural history of nursery rhymes and to continue my studies of Scandinavian mythology and folklore.

I am currently studying the disposal method of the "undead" or revenant in the Scandinavian and English traditions, which hold similarities to disposal methods of vampires in Eastern European folklore. I am curious as to the "why" of the disposal methods: cremation, staking or beheading. I hope to test Alan Dundes thoughts on disposal methods in Eastern Europe: whether they are well grounded and applicable to England and Scandinavia.

I am at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Scandinavian Studies on a Folklore track. My interests have changed a bit from what I wrote above. I have becomed interested in orality, material culture, textiles and weaving as stories. I miss home but mostly I am very lonely.